Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sleeping Betty Film Short

This has been around for a few years but I just learned about it this week.  And I enjoyed it, so I will share:

Isn't that just fun. I learned about it from MetroCinema which is holding a film festival that is including a Fairy Tales for All hour in Canada today. The fairy tales are overall more fantasy than straight fairy tale adaptations but I fully appreciate the salute all the same...

NFB Fairy Tales for All

Fairy tale lovers, young and old alike, will be charmed by this selection of animated shorts, including Molly in Springtime, awarded Best Animation at Banff World Television Festival 2010.

And while I was exploring, I found this one which is not fairy tale, definitely fantasy and really fun in a Twilight Zone but not scary sort of way... I was probably the last person on the planet to see it, but here it is just in case I wasn't.

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