Friday, October 15, 2010

Kate Forsyth and Rapunzel at Seven Miles of Steel Thistles

The Tower of Ravens (Rhiannon's Ride, Book 1)

Fairytale Reflections (5) Kate Forsyth was posted at Seven Miles of Steel Thistles today.  Forsyth is an Australian author.  Her personal fairy tale is Rapunzel which I know is also a favorite of readers here.  Her story about a horrible childhood incident and the results inform her love for the tale, so don't miss reading what she has to share.

And she also throws in this little tidbit:

I have been fascinated by the Rapunzel tale ever since I was a child myself, and I am now working on a novel called Bitter Greens which retells the fairytale as a historical novel set in Venice and northern Italy in the 17th century and France in the 18th century.
Now does that excite anyone as much as me? It'll be on my watchlist and will hopefully get picked up quickly in the states, too.

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