Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Enchanted Castle for Halloween

Okay, true confessions that I don't love the scary side of Halloween.  I've never been a fan of horror films and such.  My favorite element is the fun for the young kids with the cute costumes.  So the following impressed me as a wonderful way to celebrate my favorite parts of Halloween and hold a fundraiser at the same time.

From Fairy Tales Come True in 'Enchanted Castle: Non-Scary Event at Burr Homestead Brings Storybook Characters to Life by Patti Woods:

"This has really become a Fairfield tradition...It's a real community event," said Kay Smith, co-chair of the event, she said, adding that kids volunteer from the middle schools and high schools and people contribute gifts for the "Take a Chance" game.

Here's how the castle works: Over the course of four full days, volunteers use their magic wands and creativity to transform six rooms in the Burr Homestead into a fairytale wonderland. Children are greeted by the King and Queen at the door and are handed a bag which they can use to stash their goodies. Then, in small groups, visitors are taken from one vignette to the next, where they hear stories and get treats. Dorothy tells about her experiences in Oz, Ariel tells about life under the sea, Jack Sparrow shows off his pirate treasure and Cinderella shares hugs with all the little girls who want to be just like her.

While the decorations are magical, it's really the characters that make the experience so wonderful for the children, said co-chair Debbie Charles.
From Fairfield's Enchanted Castle a 'non-threatening' alternative to scary haunted houses by Scott Gargan:

Taking place weekends through October, the annual event will see Fairfield's Burr Homestead transform into a kingdom of fantasy fiction, with the historic castle decked out in the style of "Aladdin," "Pirates of the Caribbean, "The Wizard of Oz" and other popular narratives.

Children will have the opportunity to walk through the castle and meet their favorite storybook characters -- Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother, Dorothy and the Scarecrow, the Little Mermaid and Sebastian, Belle from "Beauty and the Beast," Aladdin and Jasmine, pirate Capt. Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth -- played by the Gomes twins and a cast of volunteers. Winnie the Pooh and Tigger also will great visitors as they arrive.

"It's so fun to see the kids when they come in and their eyes light up," said Shaun Amberg, co-chairperson of the Enchanted Castle. "They think they're seeing the real characters."

You can read more about the event at EnchantedCastle.org. This is in the New York state and Connecticut area.

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