Saturday, October 16, 2010

Theatre: Snow White and the Seven Designers

File this one under Strange and Unexpected and for a good cause:

Snow White and the Seven Designers:

Snow White’s wicked stepmother is in a complete strop. Not only has her magic mirror told her that Snow White is fairest of them all, but the chairs, the wallpaper and the cushions are apparently more beautiful too! Even killing Snow White will not make her the fairest in the land. She will have to do something far worse…..turn the world minimalist!

Join Snow White’s seven designers - Dapper, Snappy, Snazzy, Natty, Classy, Dizzy and Taupey – as they help save the beautiful Snow White and lead the fight against London’s biggest threat - criminally style-less interiors!

Starring leading figures from the world of interior design and with costumes designed by the most illustrious fashion designers in the world, this pantomime promises a fun, fabulous and outrageously glamorous night out.
All proceeds from money raised will go to Dementia UK; a national charity committed to supporting families affected by dementia. 

Age 12 +

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