Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fun eBay Finds: Little Red Riding Hood

I don't often share eBay finds here due to their ephemeral nature--and I really don't search very often--but these recent finds wanted to be preserved in my memory banks so I decided to share here. First there was this "Little Red Riding Hood" Lacquer Jewelry Box which I really like. It is handpainted and handcrafted. The artist's name is Krasnov E.

Next up are these adorable Little Red Riding Hood Lego earrings. These were crafted by the seller--to my knowledge there are no Red Riding Hood Lego sets. But that would be really cool and awesome.

Then there's the Vintage French Red Riding Hood Metal Blanc or Silver Plated Serviette Ring. In other words, a napkin ring. I wonder if these were a set of the same design or if different tales appeared in the set.

Finally, there's the European Charms - 'Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf' which are not so uncommon but they aren't usually packaged together like this for purchase.

And a bonus to see, but it has already sold, and not to me. This Little Red Riding Hood Inspired, Tree of Life Pendant Necklace appealed to me because I am a sucker for Tree of Life jewelry.


  1. These are all really covetable-the lego earrings made me smile :)

  2. The Little Red Riding Hood Lego minifigure is from the Lego minifigure blind bags. Basically, little bags with an undisclosed collectible figure inside. The only way to know which one you've bought is to open it up. Not sure about the woodsman. It would be cool if there were fairy tale Lego sets but odds are you'll only see things like that under the Disney license Lego now has.

  3. The Tree of Life appears to have 0 bids. "Bidding ended" doesn't always mean sold. If interested, you can write the vendor / store owner via eBay. I've done that. They relist item and I buy it. Sellers are allowed a certain number of items they can list per month for free. So items have "expiration" dates, then reposted for sale again. Happens all the time. BUT if 1 bid at or above asking price means it's sold, and eBay posts the selling price.