Friday, October 3, 2014

Fairy Tales in Advertising: Steimatzky Book Stores: Little Red Riding Hood

Steimatzky Book Stores: Little Red Riding Hood
Your book your cast.

Here's an ad campaign from Israel. Interesting that with four images, only one is of women, and they are from a fairy tale. What other iconic literary heroines could be offered? Hmmm....

But I am always more fascinated by how Don Quixote is referenced more in European countries with no problem but most Americans would be lost with the visual reference, probably thinking "Gladiators!" instead.

Campaign info from Ads of the World:

Advertising agency: ACW Grey, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Executive Creative Director: Tal Riven
Creative Director: Idan Regev
Copywriter: Lior Shvartz
Art director: Gabi Kikozashvili
Photographer: Yaron Itzhakov
Executive Client manager: Elad Hermel
Account Manager: Nataly Rabinovich
Production Manager: Meital Tzoref
Special Projects Producers: Galit Siman-Tov

Steimatzky Book Stores: Don Quixote

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