Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fairy Tales in Advertising: Oreos Wonderfilled: Three Little Pigs (2 Versions)

Last Sunday night John and I were watching something while working on computers--probably HGTV--and this commercial came on. I happened to look up and see a wolf and pigs on the screen although the lyrics didn't say anything in this version.

After some research, I learned it's been out for a year. And this is my first time seeing it. The song--very catchy--wasn't in my memory banks so I don't think I've ever heard it either. I'm such a fail for marketing, I guess.

Anyway, after some research, I discovered there is a longer version with fuller lyrics including a verse about the Three Little Pigs and with different graphics. So huh. Took me a year, but I learned about it to share here on the blog. It is cute! And fun!

The song is "Wonderfilled Anthem" from Owl City and the verse with the pigs is:

Wonder if I gave an Oreo to the Big Bad Wolf,
How would the story go?
Would he still go huff and puff
Or would he bring those pigs cool stuff
To decorate the deck he helped them build?
Would they not get killed?

According to the user that uploaded the long version down below:

With a light and illustrative look, the cookie is passed between the three little pigs, the big bad wolf, Dracula, and other folklore icons. We're pleased to introduce Oreo's "Wonderfilled" tagline to the world with this eclectic piece.

Advertising Agency: Royale, Seattle, USA
Advertising Agency: The Martin Agency, USA
Group Creative Director: Jorge Calleja
Chief Creative Officer: Joe Alexander
Creative Director: David Muhlenfeld, Magnus Hierta
Senior Art Director: Brig White
ACD/Designer: Chris Peel
Designer: Angie Elko, Sarah Berkheimer

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