Friday, October 31, 2014

Fairy Tales in Advertising: Hopi Hari Theme Park: Zombie Cinderella

Hopi Hari Theme Park: Cinderella

Hopi Hari Horror Time.
Stories to keep you awake.

Happy Halloween everyone! I am actually writing this in September and putting it in the queue to self-publish because I couldn't wait to share this rather perfect mesh of Cinderella, zombies, and yes, Halloween. I didn't want to forget it either and at the moment of writing this, Halloween is still a ways away but I know it will arrive all too quickly!

Have a safe and fun holiday!

Here's the agency information, courtesy of Ads of the World:

Advertising Agency: Y&R, São Paulo, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Rui Branquinho
Executive Creative Officer: Flavio Casarotti
Creative Directors: Rui Branquinho, Flavio Casarotti, Victor Sant'Anna
Art Director: Guilherme Rácz
Copywriter: Lucas Casão
Illustrator: Zombie Studio

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