Saturday, May 7, 2011

Giveaway Update: Tune in Tomorrow

Tomorrow is my birthday. I have also been running a giveaway contest machine on SurLaLune which has languished while I have been distracted by other SurLaLune matters.

So tomorrow I am going to catch up. I will give away several books and goodies to celebrate my birthday. I will announce winners tomorrow night and contact them requesting mailing addresses. Then I can make one big trip to the post office to mail stuff later next week once I have your mailing addresses.

So Happy Birthday! Happy Mother's Day! Happy weekend!


  1. Happy Birthday! Let the fairy tale of your life be happy and full of love and miracles!

  2. Happy early Birthday! I hope that the coming year brings you more moments of wonder than there are dandelion seeds in North America!

  3. Wishing a happy birthday! Hope it's a good year and may you get all you wished for.