Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fairy Tale TV Series: Both Picked Up

How about this folks? I am curious about both, of course, and can't wait to try them both. And both have potential to be entertaining...

From ABC Orders Tim Allen Sitcom, 'Charlie's Angels,' 'Good Christian Belles' & More to Series by Chris Harnick:

In the wake of canceling 'V' and 'Brothers & Sisters,' ABC has ordered several new shows to series, including....Jennifer Morrison stars in 'Once Upon a Time' as a woman named Anna who is drawn to a world where fairy tales may be real. 'Big Love' veteran Ginnifer Goodwin also stars.

From NBC Picks Up Playboy Club, Inception-Style Awake, And Fairy Tale Cop Drama Grimm by David Wharton:

The Peacock Network's fall schedule is shaping up to be an interesting and eclectic one, with EW reporting NBC green lights for a period drama set in the infamous Playboy Club, a parallel-lives detective drama, and a gritty spin on Grimm's Fairy Tales.

Finally, Grimm is a cop drama set in a world inspired by Grimm's Fairy Tales. Sounds a lot like Bill Willingham's excellent Fables comic series, which was developed as a series by NBC a few years back but never made it further than a script. This might be one to watch, because the script was written by genre vet David Greenwalt, who has worked on everything from Angel to Eureka.

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