Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Orly Once Upon a Time Collection

I have planned the BB Couture giveaway (see yesterday) and an additional post on the China Glaze Glass Slipper collection (see tomorrow) for over a month. Then last week, Orly announced their Fall 2009 collection, Once Upon a Time... Well, the timing was rather perfect for SurLaLune so I researched the collection and decided to have three nail polish posts instead of my original two this week.

The Orly collection is primarily influenced by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and general fairy tale tropes. Funny how each of these collections repeats ideas but shows different influences, too. Prince Charming and Poison Apple are favorites for names and Happily Ever After shows up in a lot of brands that don't have full fairy tale themes.

The polishes are named:

Happily Ever After, a berry red
Pixie Dust, a shimmery glitter
Enchanted Forest, a green
Mirror Mirror, a silver/grey
Poison Apple, a red
Prince Charming, a milky brown

This collection is a little more unusual for Orly and I think will appeal to those of us who are looking for unusual colors, such as green and grey, in nail polishes although there are the ever popular red tones included, too.

These colors by Orly are just being released and can be found soon at discount retailers online such as Victoria Nail Supply, Transdesign or Head2ToeBeauty, or at brick and mortar Sally Beauty Supply stores. Ulta also carries Orly so the collection will probably appear there as well. SurLaLune is not affiliated with any of these stores. I'm supplying the links to help you find the polishes if you are interested.

Don't forget to enter for a chance at the nail polish giveaway:

Thanks to Kim at Overall Beauty for her donation to SurLaLune!


  1. I ordinarily don't wear nail polish -- I garden too much! But this was very alluring, so I entered.
    The colors are unusual for me, but they'd make great student giveaways in my fairy tale class.

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