Friday, July 31, 2009

Let Them Eat Princess and the Pea Cake

After perusing the traffic statistics for this blog, I was surprised to learn that one of the top three most visited entries so far has been The Princess and the Pea Craft.

Since August starts tomorrow and brings with it the decline of the summer school break for most kids and their parents, at least here in the states, I thought I'd offer up another fun Princess and the Pea activity: The Princess and the Pea Cake for the weekend. The link takes you to a recipe and crafting instructions.

The headboard could easily be adapted for children's creation, for example, using cardboard or even the kids' ubiquitous popsicle sticks instead. An appropriate-sized doll could be the princess. There's many ways to make this cake a simpler but still fun project if your decorating skills are inexperienced at best. See this one if you feel inadequate because it's charming but realistic for the usual at home baker. (And don't worry, Cake Wrecks only features professional cakes, not ones made at home!) I love the idea of using a green M&M for the pea, so don't forget that fun detail!

And, of course, I had to do a quick search of Princess and the Pea cakes and found this wonderful one by which appeals not only for its quality but in that the princess actually appears to be having a sleepless night. So many illustrations and otherwise forget that the fairy tale is about not being able to sleep on the pea! And if you look closely at the bottom right hand corner, you'll see a pea pod with a pea missing. And a crown hanging on the bedpost. There's also more detailed photos of the cake on the main site. Love, love, love it! My favorite of all I've seen.

There's lots more cakes on the web, such as here and here and here (a black princess!), but for the sake of time and space, I'll refrain from sharing them all. Just remember that search engines are your friends if you want to see more and discover that many minutes have evaporated while looking at cakes.

By the way, the entry about the Nail Polish Giveaway has been the most popular so far for obvious reasons. The first bottle will be given away a week from today!


  1. So cute! How do you check stats for your blog?

  2. I check the stats through the magic of Google Analytics. It's an amazing reporting system, tells me how many visitors from each country which I enjoy, too. And many other things. Considering the blog is only seven weeks old and this is summer, the traffic has been steadily growing, too.