Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Far, Far Away Fabric Designs by Heather Ross

Heather Ross is a designer and blogger who has a new line of fabrics through Kokka of Japan with a fairy tale influence. Usually anything with a fairy tale theme in linens is strictly for little girls and consequently very twee, in my opinion, with lots of flying fairies and generic princesses. Ross's new line mostly avoids both and has definite influences, especially the Unicorn Tapestries a personal favorite of mine after seeing them in person last year at the Cloisters in New York. (I didn't expect to fall in love with them, but their intricate design, their history as forgotten horse blankets and the outright magic of them wooed me completely.)

However, there are more direct fairy tale influences especially from the Princess and the Pea and the Frog Prince. You can read more about her influences and design decisions on this page Far, Far Away for Kokka of Japan as well a more recent post in which she lists online retailers selling the fabrics internationally at Finding Far, Far Away Fabrics Online. I didn't explore all her links, but found that has fine swatches at Far, Far Away.

Thanks to Valerie S. for passing along the original post about this fabric late last year. Once again, I've been collecting stuff for a blog for a long time.

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  1. If you look through "Kawaii" Japanese fabrics on Etsy or the like, you'll find a lot of fairy-tale fabric-- I'm particularly fond of some Cinderella and Snow White prints I've seen. There's an overwhelming amount of Alice in Wonderland patterns.

    I only wish that it was easier to get here in the states, as I make clothing, not quilts! Thoguh if they ever do Beauty and the Beast, I will move heaven and Earth to get bolts of the stuff...