Monday, July 27, 2009

The Enchanted Screen: A History of Fairy Tales on Film by Jack David Zipes

We have an abundance of fairy tale related films (Shrek 4, Rapunzel, Beastly follow this December's Princess and the Frog) coming out in 2010 so it's fitting that this book will be released in January 2010:

The Enchanted Screen: A History of Fairy Tales on Film by Jack David Zipes

I discovered this upcoming title last week which has almost no information available yet. There's not even a cover image available on Amazon or the Routledge site. (Yes, I find that more times than not, Amazon has the image before the publisher does on their respective sites.) However, just the title makes me hope it will be added to most university libraries for all the students out there who write on this topic.

Alas, Routledge doesn't tend to send out review copies and SurLaLune doesn't have the budget to acquire much of the expensive nonfiction and review it. However, I will keep my eyes open for extended information on the title to help encourage the library requests, at least. I'm sure this will be of interest to the many students writing about Disney and beyond, many of whom come seeking information on the SurLaLune Discussion board. Official sources like these are a blessing, but only if the university libraries add them to their collections.

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  1. It's Jack Zipes, he's the unofficial godfather of the fairy tale field in academia. For the sake of his name alone it will probably make it into university libraries, have no fear!