Friday, July 10, 2009

In the News: Modernising Fairy Tales

Ending today, Shine Week is a national festival celebrating the talents of young adults in the UK. I discovered an article with a slightly different twist on the usual plays and mock trials about justice that borrow from fairy tales for storylines. Here's a quote from the article which explains this twist better than I can.

Students in Year 10 have been adapting traditional fairytales into a modern play showing the real consequences of crime.

The pupils have taken the likes of Little Red Riding Hood to show what trouble can happen to granny and Cinderella to show what happens if a tagged criminal does not meet a curfew.

It is the third year the school has used drama to show real issues related to crime and antisocial behaviour.

You can read the entire article here: Gateacre school modernises fairytales for Shine Week.

I'd never even likened Cinderella's midnight deadline to meeting a curfew. Not sure how I missed that obvious possibility with the story. I think it's a great concept and only wish I could see the play myself.

I love the way fairy tales are used over and over again to teach so many different concepts and ideas. From math to law to history, the possibilities seem to be endless.

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