Wednesday, July 15, 2009

China Glaze Glass Slipper Nail Polish Collection

On Monday, I discussed the BB Couture Fairy Tale Collection and announced a contest. I also promised to mention the China Glaze Glass Slipper nail polish collection that appeared in 2004 and is now, alas, discontinued. China Glaze used Cinderella as inspiration for naming the polishes in this collection. All of the polishes had shimmers or glitter finishes.

Here are the names of the polishes which I admit are my favorite names overall since they showed more familiarity with their specific fairy tale inspiration:

Belle of the Ball (strawberry red)
Stroke of Midnight (blue)
Wicked Stepsisters (deep red)
If the Shoe Fits (clear glitter)
Happily Ever After (glitter purply pink sheer)
Fairy Godmother (glittery pink coral sheer)

I couldn't find images of all the bottles although there are swatches on nail polish blogs if you search for such on Google. I did find an article with a brief paragraph about the collection however.

“We’re also releasing our China Glaze Glass Slipper collection for all women who love to indulge in both fashion and fairytale romance,” says Randi Cooley,
China Glaze marketing manager. “This romantic collection is available in six-piece and 12-piece displays that include an elegant fairytale pillow with a glass slipper, lying among brightly colored nail lacquers with tongue-in-cheek names like If the Shoe Fits, Wicked Step Sisters and Stroke of Midnight.” Alas, to avoid any misunderstandings and broken hearts, the Glass Slipper collection very clearly states: “Prince Charming not included.”

I like that Prince Charming is not included. Helps set the collection apart from the ones by BB Couture and Orly, although the Prince Charming colors are some of the more interesting additions in those collections.

A little more about nail polish brands:

OPI is the most popular nail polish brand in the world, but to my knowledge they have never produced a specific fairy tale themed collection. They do have Fairytale Bride from Spring 2009, but that is for brides and not fairy tale influenced. The company occasionally references fairy tales and nursery rhymes in their clever color names, such as previous releases called Fee Fi Fo Plum, And This Little Piggy..., Goldilocks Rocks!, Rinse Charming and others.

These colors by OPI and Orly can be found at discount retailers online such as Transdesign or Head2ToeBeauty. SurLaLune is not affiliated with any of these stores. I'm supplying the links to help you find the polishes if you are interested.

And don't forget to enter the giveaway for a bottle of BB Couture and Orly Nail Polish!

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