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Table of Contents for The Grateful Dead Tales From Around the World

Once again, The Grateful Dead Tales From Around the World--the 10th SurLaLune Fairy Tale Series release!-- will be officially released on 5/4/15. Any links I include may not be working yet, but they will be by then.

Today I am sharing the Table of Contents for the book. The book is 828 pages and stuffed full with Grateful Dead tales, discussions, and other miscellanea. Tomorrow I will start discussing the tale, starting with just what it is! I didn't know much when I started this project but now I know enough to be dangerously boring at a dinner party. But I will try to be interesting and brief instead. And, really, I don't think I've ever been boring at a dinner party. Just offer up the history of Sleeping Beauty variants--if you are in the right company--and you'll have people disturbed and talking for a good portion of the evening. Grateful Dead isn't as disturbing, but it is fascinating.

Table of Contents:

The Grateful Dead: An Introduction
by Heidi Anne Heiner i
Acknowledgements xxii
Notes About This Edition xxii

The Grateful Dead: The History of a Folk Story
by Gordon Hall Gerould

Introduction 2
I. A Review 4
II. Bibliography 8
III. Tales With the Simple Theme and Miscellaneous Combinations 24
IV. The Grateful Dead and the Poison Maiden 36
V. The Grateful Dead and the Ransomed Woman 56
VI. The Grateful Dead and the Water of Life or Kindred Themes 83
VII. The Relations of the Grateful Dead to the Spendthrift Knight, the Two Friends, and the Thankful Beasts 105
VIII. Conclusion 111

Grateful Dead Tales

1. The Book of Tobit
Bible 122
2. Simonides from Cicero’s On Divination
Ancient Greece 137
3. Pelops and Hippodamia
Ancient Greece 139
4. Chaim and the Dead Man’s Warning
Jewish 144
5. The Story of Thorsteinn, The King’s Son
Iceland 145
6. The Barra Widow’s Son
Scotland 150
7. The Red Etin
Scotland 158
8. Shaking-Head
Ireland 163
9. The King of Ireland’s Son
Ireland 171
10. The Snow, the Crow, and the Blood
Ireland 180
11. Beauty of the World
Ireland 186
12. Jack the Master and Jack the Servant
Ireland 192
13. The Grateful Dead
England 197
14. Sir Amadas
England 198
15. The Factor’s Garland
England 208
16. The Merchant’s Garland
England 215
17. The Turkey Factor
England 225
18. Jack and the Giants
England 233
19. Juan Dekos, the Blockhead (Tontua)
Basque (France) 246
20. Juan de Kalais
Basque (France) 250
21. The White Blackbird
Basque (France) 253
22. John of Calais
France 256
23. The Man of Honour
France 260
24. Princess Marcassa and the Drédaine Bird
France 265
25. The Shepherd, His Son, and the Archangel
France 273
26. Saint Corentin and the Young Man
France 276
27. The Grateful Dead
France 278
28. The Little Hunchback
France 281
29. The Companion
Norway 285
30. The Shopboy and His Cheese
Norway 294
31. The Travelling Companion
Denmark 296
32. The Three Pennies
Denmark 309
33. Of Pippin King of the Franks
Sweden 312
34. The Bird Grip
Sweden 313
35. The Mysterious Servant
Finland 319
36. The Spirit of a Buried Man
Poland 323
37. Sila Tsarevich and Ivashka with the White Smock
Russia 326
38. Hans and the Angel
Russia 330
39. Good Deeds Are Never Lost
Serbia 332
40. Bertuccio and Tarquinia
Italy 337
41. Guerrino and the Savage Man
Italy 345
42. Fair Brow
Italy 357
43. The Dead Man’s Gratitude
Turkey 361
44. The Story of the Grateful Corpse
Iran 364
45. The Dead Student’s Gratitude
Vietnam 368
46. The Grateful Ghost
Korea 369
47. The Grateful Spirit
Bahamas 371
48. The Bird of the Sweet Song
Mexico 372


49. The Old Wives’ Tale
by George Peele 376
50. The Fatal Dowry
by Nathan Field & Philip Massinger 405
51. The Fair Penitent
by Nicholas Rowe 477
52. The Insolvent: or Filial Piety, A Tragedy
by Aaron Hill 528

The History of Oliver and Arthur

53. The History of Oliver and Arthur 578

Additional Materials

54. Introduction to Ghost-Thanks
by George Stephens 696
55. The Reign of Asychis in Egypt
by Herodotus 701
56. The Roman Van Walewein (Gawain)
by Professor W. P. Ker 703
57. Tobit and Jack the Giant-Killer
by Francis Hindes Groome 708
58. The Merchant’s Daughter and the Prince of Al-Irak
Arabian Nights 722

End Matter

Additional Variants and Translations in English 760
Bibliography 767
Tale Types: Gerould’s List 775
Tale Types: Current Collection 785
Index 791

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