Friday, April 24, 2015

Fairy Tales in Advertising: Gas Jeans: Prince Charming

Gas Jeans: Prince
Prince charming eater.

Okay, this one is just disturbing in a not so good way. And then a little funny. But I can't consider frogs for food ever since seeing The Muppet Movie at an impressionable age. Didn't happen to me with Charlotte's Web and pigs. But, The Muppet Movie insured I would never want to eat frog legs. I love Kermit.

Campaign info from Ads of the World:

It's true. Share your true experience at
It's a multi-level campaign where the models are artists, actors, performers or normale people. Their stories are told on the web site and on the MaGasine, a catalogue with the stories and experiences of those young guys. The advert shows how everyday situations can be turned in particular and ethical actions with a sharp head line.

Advertising Agency: Attila&Co, Milan, Italy
Creative Director: Nuria Martin
Art Director: Jacopo Cinti
Copywriter: Marco Cetera
Photographer: Sergi Pons

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