Friday, April 3, 2015

Fairy Tales in Advertising: Tchica: Princess Charming

Tchica: Prince Charming

I took the liberty for this post of renaming this campaign Princess Charming. Because it fits. And all for women's clothing. And as I looked at these images it hit me that I am amazed we don't see more images like these of gender role reversals in fairy tales. Huh.

Campaign info from Ads of the World:

You know that girl who used to wait for the Prince Charming? Once upon a time.
Tchica has always been known for being a store focused on the teenage fashion. As the years went by, the Tchica consumers have grown. For this year Valentine's Day, our agency took the opportunity to strengthen the new concept of the brand and its fashion. Now the store has shifted the focus of its products to a grown woman, filled with attitude and confidence.

Advertising Agency: Blackninja, Recife, Brazil
Creative Director: Lenilson Lima
Art Directors: Adri Moura, Lenilson Lima
Copywriter: Luciano Mattos
Illustrator: David Alfonso
Photographer: Eduardo Rocha
Account: Cynthia Beltrão
Published: May 2012

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