Thursday, June 13, 2013

Burne-Jones Dream Collection by A-England

Burne-Jones' Briar Rose

Anyone who has been reading my words in this blog for a while remembers that I have a nail polish fetish. One of my favorite brands has thrilled me again with a new collection this time inspired by the work of Edward Burne-Jones, specifically his Sleeping Beauty/Briar Rose paintings. The collection by A-England is the Burne-Jones Dream Collection with five colors, one yet to be released although at the moment all five are hard to acquire since the nail polish fandom has bought them out as they trickle into the market. I've shared A-England collections before since they are all connected to fantasy and literature, things close to our hearts on the SurLaLune blog. See A-England's Gothic Beauties Nail Polish and The Mythicals Nail Polish.

There are no bottle images yet--I will have to do a part 2 post later--but here are swatches with color names that capture the Burne-Jones palette. The image came from Llarowe, one of the US distributors along with Ninja Polish and Overall Beauty, all reliable retailers. The official A-England site doesn't have the collection posted yet.

Burne-Jones painted some of the most famous Sleeping Beauty images in the world and he visited the themes  several times, ever fascinated by this story. You can read a little more about my own viewings here. They are stunning in person.

And a great book about Burne-Jones is still in print:

Now I only wish A-England will create an elegant and lovely fairy tale inspired collection. I imagine it would surpass all those done before and be less predictable, too. Imagine a Catskin or Donkeyskin/Peau d'Ane inspired color... She's already given us Jane Eyre and others... I can dream...

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