Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happily Ever After: The Fairy-tale Formula for Lasting Love by Wendy Paris

Happily Ever After: The Fairy-tale Formula for Lasting Love by Wendy Paris is on sale for 99 cents in Harper Collins 99 Cents Sale and more titles here on Amazon. (Really, I dropped a few dollars after sorting through the titles.) There are many great books in this sale, but only one had a fairy tale inspiration. This is a self-help title, a small gift book that I actually own in hardcover from back when it was published and somehow acquired it since it has the fairy tale themes. Not the usual fare or interest for readers here but still in theme and its always interesting to see where authors take fairy tales.

Book description:

Find Your Inner Princess and Live Happily Ever After

Don't let anyone tell you true love is a fairy tale. You can find the romance of your dreams, and this book will tell you how.

In Happily Ever After, author Wendy Paris offers a contemporary spin on ten classic fairy tales, going behind the scenes with these legendary romantic heroines to show what they did to live happily ever after. Contrary to popular belief, fairy-tale heroines are not weak and passive. They are noble, brave, optimistic women who know that the formula for success in a chaotic world is to hold fast to their own beliefs despite what fate happens to throw their way. Ultimately, it is their character that saves them, not the prince on the white horse.

Take Cinderella, for example. Despite having a less than ideal job, she didn't let bitterness and regret give her an ulcer, bad skin, and frown wrinkles. She knew "cinder maid" was a job title, not a life description.

She didn't hide in her carriage, crying, "I can't go to the ball by myself! Everyone will think I'm a loser! " She had the courage to attend a party alone.

At the stroke of midnight, she didn't cling to the prince's hand and wail, "Save me from my miserable life!" She had the confidence to know that if he liked her, he'd come calling.

This humorous, heartfelt book shows women how to focus on their strengths and character rather than resort to manipulative strategies to "land" a man. The perfect antidote to negative dating guides that just don't work, Happily Ever After offers practical, empowering advice that's been proven effective for the last 500 years and is still relevant today.

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