Friday, June 14, 2013

Bargain Ebook: Fairy Lies (Fairy Tale) by E. D. Baker

Amazon has a Splash Into Summer Book Sale sale going on for a few days and several of the titles are fairy tale related. I posted several of the titles on Thursday, but more have been added to the sale in the past 24 hours. And more are fairy tale related. A really great percentage for 284 titles! Each title will get its own post.

Fairy Lies (Fairy Tale) by E. D. Baker is more fairy than fairy tale related although Baker is no stranger to fairy tale retellings. I didn't have this one in my library yet so if it has been bargain priced before, it's been a long time. It is currently $2.99.

Book description:

In this funny and romantic sequel to WINGS, the half-human half-fairy princess Tamisin is kidnapped by Oberon, the king of the fairies. Forced to leave her boyfriend, Jak, behind in the human world, Tamisin feels completely lost. In the land of the fey, Oberon tells her that her mother, Titania had been lying when she'd said Tamisin was half fairy, half human. Who is telling the truth? And how can she get home again? Oberon doesn't have much time to explain. And Dasras, the odd blue boy who's meant to look after her, doesn't have the answers either. Tamisin must rely on her own sense of right and wrong, of truth and lies, and most importantly, of friendship and love, to sort out who she really is.

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