Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Book: Steadfast: (Elemental Masters #8) by Mercedes Lackey

Steadfast: (Elemental Masters #8) by Mercedes Lackey is officially released today. I haven't been as entertained by the more recent books in this series, but I am intrigued with a novel drawing inspiration from Hans Christian Andersen's Steadfast Tin Soldier. This is one fairy tale that doesn't get many retelling treatments, especially novel length ones.

Book description:

The new novel in Mercedes Lackey’s bestselling series of an alternative Edwardian Britain, where magic is real—and Elemental Masters are in control.

Lionel Hawkins is a magician whose act is only partially sleight of hand. The rest is real magic. He’s an Elemental Magician with the power to persuade the Elementals of Air to help him create amazing illusions. It doesn’t take long before his assistant, acrobat Katie Langford, notices that he’s no ordinary magician—and for Lionel to discover that she’s no ordinary acrobat, but rather an untrained and unawakened Fire Magician. She’s also on the run from her murderous and vengeful brute of a husband. But can she harness her magic in time to stop her husband from achieving his deadly goal?

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  1. I've never been a fan of Lackey, but I've been meaning to give her a try again. Perhaps now I will.