Friday, October 12, 2012

Spikeabell's Six Swans Word Cloud

So reader Spikeabell was irritated/inspired by my earlier post of Little Red Riding Hood by Affichionado and decided to try the concept herself. Her three minute experiment at Tagxedo produced the swan above, drawing from The Six Swans. As she said, "I didn't do any editing to emphasize the words, which would have made it more eye catching." But this is already more powerful than the Riding Hood one, is it not?

You can be creative/waste time today at either Tagxedo or Wordle and make your own images with fairy tale texts. If you make anything great to share, please add the link to a comment on this or the Riding Hood post. I'm rather tempted to make this into a contest!


  1. arggh, you know now, that I'm going to have to make a better one than that... Of all the things, my first 'artwork' on surlalune is a word cloud!

  2. Spikeabell definitely proved her point. I like the swan. I wasn't impressed with Riding Hood on her back. This would make a great classroom project.

  3. Really am liking the potential of this tool. Thanks for pointing it out. I went for "The Seven Crows" from Grimm (although, only one of them is really "The Seven Crows").