Friday, October 19, 2012

Fairy Tale Tabs 10/18/2012

Don't miss Tales of Faerie's Cinderella Pumpkins. Je les adore!

This one I seriously debated as a separate blog post, but I was firm with myself. Read about this Facebook initiative: Fairy Tales Meet Facebook in Indonesia. "'Maerchen Goes Facebook' is a new Facebook fan page under the name of DE-Fans, created by Goethe-Institut Indonesia for the region of Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. It has more than 5,700 fans and counting." Fascinating competitions, tourism promotions, and fairy tale hype...

If you don't know about Humble Bundle yet, check it out. Part of the current bundle ending in a few days are books by Kelly Link with fairy tale inspirations, Stranger Things Happen (such as Travels with the Snow Queen and Shoe and Marriage) and Magic for Beginners (such as Catskin). Those last two links are to Amazon so you can read the book reviews and tables of content to learn more about the fairy tale influences.

Huffington Post featured Fairy Tales For 20-Somethings Tumblr Reveals The Truth About Growing Up.

And for Halloween, read about Boulder High presents twisted fairytale haunted house. Not many details about the fairy tales, but fun to consider.

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