Friday, October 12, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood by Affichionado

This is a poster available from Affichionado which was rather interesting. I wish it had a more distinctive wolf shape to it, don't you? It's something where I look at it and like the concept but think how I would change it, too.

From the press release:
The tales have been deconstructed and broken down into single words, the words are then compiled in order of frequency and the more frequent a word appears in the text, the more prominent it's presentation in the print, creating a hierarchy of size. Color schemes and placement have been carefully adapted to convey some of the message that is inherent in the work itself, reconstructing the text as a beautiful print with true soul.


  1. I have to wonder if they just cut and paste the text of the fairy tale into a free website like Tagxedo or Wordle (both word cloud generators which are, I admit it fun)and hit save then print. Forgive me for being cynical.

  2. OK, so this took me 3 minutes. I didn't do any editing to emphasize the words, which would have made it more eye catching.
    the six/seven swans tale in a word cloud