Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Fairy Tale Fun: How to Cook Children: A Grisly Recipe Book for Gruesome Witches

How to Cook Children: A Grisly Recipe Book for Gruesome Witches by Martin Howard (Author), Colin Stimpson (Illustrator) is one of this week's offerings for pre-Halloween fun. This book is for a select audience of children and their adults and riffs off several fairy tales and other cultural references, such as Hansel and Gretel, as I'm sure you immediately imagined upon seeing the title. This is the second edition of the book so it has its fans! It's also available in the UK.

Book description:

Attention gastronomical ghouls and culinary crones! A mouth-watering collection of child-based recipes from the top chef witches around!

Every dish in this very unique cookbook has one thing in common: the main ingredient is children! Many famous culinary witches have contributed—from Barfa Stew-Wart to India's favorite Kideeta Skingh and Janie Groviller from Britain—and each of their recipes is introduced by the general editor Esmelia Sniff. Recipes range from such tangy delights as Seared Tina in Boy Sauce on a Bed of Fragrant Lice to the more filling Bratwurst and Upset Cabbage to sweet Flat Jacks. Featuring a dark subject matter but laugh-out-loud jokes, absurd characters, and beautiful illustrations, this is the perfect cookbook for parents and children alike.

"Quite simply the best book for cooking with children ever written. The recipes are mouth-watering and Esmelia Sniff is a laugh-out-loud kitchen nightmare. There are very few chefs who can change the way we think about food, but thanks to Esmelia and her pointy-hatted friends I'll be putting youngsters on the menu in all my restaurants from now on." —Gordon Ramsay

"The many small and large humorous pictures throughout are prominent against the white pages. Stimpson has worked with Walt Disney Feature Animation, and his slick, colorful style shows it." —School Library Journal

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  1. A perfect idea for my two little girls for Halloween!!!