Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bargain Ebook: Seattle Cinderella by Gail Sattler

Seattle Cinderella by Gail Sattler is today's bargain ebook, an inspirational (i.e. Christian) romance this time which appears to take the Cinderella theme fairly literally. The ebook is priced $2.99.

Book description:

Cinderella lives—except her name is Cindy and she resides in Seattle! Cindy is forced to run her late father’s muffler shop. Will her step-sisters’ shenanigans and Luke Princeton’s charms only make her life even more unbearable? Cindy’s step-sister Annie has reformed her ways. But how will she prove it to the man she loves? Step-sister Zella is writing her own love story. But is she using a poison pen? Cindy’s godmother, Farrah, has caught the attentions of a younger man. Does she have the courage to love again? How far will God go to give these women a happy-ever-after?

From a review on Amazon, to describe the book's content better:

This book surprised me by being four different stories in one book. I enjoyed the continuation of each story into the next. The first book is the modern day Cinderella story, with the next two books being the tales of step-sister turned friend and all around good person. the final tale is the "fairy godmother" finding her happily ever after. Each book had a good arc of characters, good romance and endings that made me smile. Being broken into four tales made this book easy to read and fun. I'd consider this a great read for all lovers of fairy tales, modern romance and enjoyment! (Gina Brown Reading Team 20120207)

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