Monday, October 8, 2012

Free Ebook: Grimm: The Essential Guide (NBC)

Grimm: The Essential Guide is currently a free ebook download but it appears to only work on color Kindle gadgets and apps like the Fire or some of the phone apps. It is also available at Barnes and Noble. I ordered it and sent it to my Fire but since I hardly use that device, I probably won't be looking at it soon. I also am way behind on Grimm--watching, not reading about it--but my husband is growing more and more interested in it.

Book description:

Grimm: The Essential Guide is here! Download this interactive eBook and let the NBC hit drama series Grimm, inspired by the Grimm brothers’ fairy tales, come alive!

Learn about Homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt and the rest of the characters on Grimm.

Enter Aunt Marie’s Trailer and view her mysterious artifacts.

Read the pages from the family journal passed down by generations of Grimms.

Navigate through the Creature Gallery.

See behind-the-scenes photos from the filming of the television series.

Be one of the first to see the terrifying new creature, Mauvais Dentes.

Meet the cast and so much more!

Both die-hard fans (aka Grimmsters) and curious newcomers will discover the ancient secrets of the supernatural Wesens that live among us in Grimm: The Essential Guide.

Get it now before it’s too late!


  1. I think the Grimm Essential Guide would be an awesome audition to the show its self. I’ve enjoyed this season and it’s had a few not so good episodes, but for the rest they have been great. I think it’s hard at times to try and watch all the awesome shows on primetime. I know its been one of my biggest headaches I always wanted to watch more shows than I could record. I work during primetime so the only option is to record them for playback later and that’s where the drama lies. I thought it was hopeless until my coworker at DISH told me about the Hopper DVR. I can use the PrimeTime Anytime feature to get all my primetime shows recorded. This means no more timer conflicts or having to give priority to my favorite shows. I can watch them in any room too, which’s great and it’s made life simple for everyone.

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