Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cinderella in Butter

The image is quite large so you can click on it and see more of the details and then be impressed by this man's accomplishment.

From India wins its first Silver Medal at International Culinary Olympics 2012:

It was a fairy tale ending for a fairy tale inspired butter sculpture at the International Culinary Olympics 2012. Indian Chef Devwrat Jategaonkar's Cinderalla 3ft x 3ft x 3ft sculpture made of butter won silver in the Culinary Artistry category. Toiling for two months, Chef Devwrat of the Radisson Blu, Alibaug, created the dramatic scene from Cinderella showing her running down the steps of the palace, leaving her glass slipper behind, as Prince Charming follows her.

While creating the butter sculpture was a challenge, carrying it to Germany for the Olympics, all in one piece, was an even bigger task. But it all worked out well, with the perfect "happily ever after" ending as Chef Devwrat created history by being the first Indian chef to make a mark at the International Culinary Olympics.

And how fitting that the competition was in Germany even if this is the French Cinderella depicted here...

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