Monday, October 8, 2012

Fitz & Floyd UNTIL MIDNIGHT Cinderella Cookie Jar Coach

I found this Fitz & Floyd UNTIL MIDNIGHT Cinderella Cookie Jar Coach on eBay with these great photos and had to share. It sold in 2011 for $460. The photos are credited to the seller, Little King of the Woods. This is an amazing cookie jar, yes? From the listing:

Part of the magical Signature Collection by Fitz & Floyd, here is a limited edition cookie jar featuring Cinderella's Coach. Amazingly beautiful and intricate...the horses bridles and saddles have real tassles and the threaded reigns go into the hands of the carriage driver. Designed by artist Rhonda Lynn Havins (she also created the Noah's Ark cookie jar from the same series). Our thanks to Johayden who had the following information about this jar online: 2006, Limited to 1500 pieces (not numbered), with 35 Hand-painted separate attachments made from 186 molds, and 18 inches long.

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