Monday, May 6, 2013

What Is Your Library Saying?

Inspired by the Sorted Books Projects, Midori Snyder has been hosting a series, What Is Your Library Saying?, at her blog In the Labyrinth. Essentially you use book titles to create quasi-poetry, often quite funny.

I pulled out these books weeks ago and have been tempted to plunder my shelves even more, but have been trying to put away messes, not create new ones recently. So I can refocus on the blog and SurLaLune in general again. And prep for the upcoming Beauty and the Beast tales book release. And I just finally recharged my camera.

Here's my one entry so far because I just had to focus on fairy tale titles.

I was proud that all of these books are fairy tale titles excepting The Big Crunch which was simply too wonderful not to use here.

I could do more. But I would be tempted to reuse titles over and over. And most would involve mirrors, red, or fairies since those are the most usable folklore titles on my shelves. Move on to my largish mystery collection and we are in trouble for I will waste hours playing this game which reminds me of the refrigerator poetry magnets that were so popular several years ago. And I have a 5,000+ library to play with. I haven't even considered my picture book collection!

If you want to play along, you can submit a photo to Midori, post on your own blog, or if it is fairy tale themed and you want it here, send the photo to me and I'll add to the chain.

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