Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Faerie Shoe Alternatives

I shared the above shoe in today's post about Charlotte Olympia Fall 2013: Fairy Tale Shoes. It's not in the price range of many of the artists and authors who frequent here, but it reminded me of some shoes I considered for my summer wardrobe at about 10% of the price. So I thought I would share because they are pretty, too.

These shoes are by Spring Step and retail between $50 and $100 (instead of $500 and $1,000). The first three are the colors available in the Carolyn style. Not quite the Charlotte Olympia heels but more practical! I actually got a pair of the Linda style for my birthday. Be warned that Spring Step often runs small for me. I had to send back and get a size up in the Linda.

After all, no one want's Puss's boots or iron shoes for summer weather, although Seven League Boots would made for an interesting summer vacation...

There are also other styles that may interest:

Spring Step Women's Azalea Sandal (available in several colors)

Spring Step Charlotte Sandals (available in several colors)

And I got the Spring Step Women's Flourish Sandal above in the most beautiful turquoise and the sizing was accurate on them. For my birthday again. Which is tomorrow!

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