Thursday, November 17, 2011

The SurLaLune Bookstore

One of my recent projects has been updating the SurLaLune main site. It's been a good project post vacation since it requires detailed, but not much creative, thinking. I am an organizer and sometimes just organizing things is soothing and relaxing and helps me settle back into day-to-day living. SurLaLune benefits when I am in those moods. I added titles to the lists and imagery on the individual tale pages--I still haven't finished and have been procrastinating Cinderella although she gets the most traffic. She's just so prolific... But most 2011 and even 2012 titles are there and more will be appearing.

The most neglected area was the SurLaLune Bookstore which I have completely revamped using applications through Amazon so it is easier to add titles and categories and has more functionality in many ways although I lost some of the features I liked about my older pages, such as my own notes. However, I don't have the time to maintain the area in that manner and have wanted to add categories and imagery for years. Now I can very quickly and easily. The area is still very much under construction for me but it is at least twice as big as it used to be already for those of you who only see the frontside of it. For example, adding to the Romance or other lists will just be a matter of a few clicks, not opening up a few programs, copying images, text and creating links, then uploading pages.

I am also limited to Amazon links in the bookstore, but that's not much of a loss for me since no one ever used anything but Amazon links when they do use links. Thank you when you do! As always, you support SurLaLune when you do so and help keep the site relatively advertisement free. Yes, I know there is some Google Adsense, but I have offers all the time to sell advertising space and monetize the site much more than I do. I do enough to keep the site paying for itself and my research, not to pay my mortgage. To date, Amazon is my best resource for that. (For example, in 12 years, I've received about $50 total through B&N so I've elected to no longer be an affiliate.)

My next question is whether or not any of you readers are interested in other Amazon sites, such as and SurLaLune has a large international readership and I am considering building stores with those sites, too, if only just to feature the titles that appear in other countries. Is anyone else interested?

Again, as everyone does their holiday shopping this season, thank you for using SurLaLune's links for any of your online purchases--not just fairy tale related--especially on Amazon. I appreciate you so much! And those students in countries where SurLaLune is a boon and supplement to very limited resources thank you, too. I receive their thanks all the time and would keep doing this work for me and them, but it's wonderful that I don't have to use my "real world" income to pay the expenses.

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  1. wow, i had no idea you had book collections! after the holidays hopefully i can pick one up.