Monday, November 14, 2011

Once Upon a Time: Four Episodes In

Above is the preview for the next episode.

This next Sunday will be a byweek for Once Upon a Time, but we now have four episodes aired in the US. I myself finally got caught up with the series over the weekend after only seeing the pilot before my vacation trip. I think last night was my favorite so far probably because I liked the more episodic content as well as the Cinderella/Rumpelstiltskin mash-up element to it.

Or perhaps, after four episodes, I am simply more comfortable with it and more forgiving of the flaws and more interested in the storytelling. Like Cinderella being called "Ashley" in one storyline last night. Less obvious than I expected of the show, so I was happy with it. Does that make any sense?

Besides, I prefer Robert Carlyle as a villain than the wicked queen whose motivations and understanding are still not working as well for me. Are we really to believe that a small town life is a "curse" she loves just because it gives her control? Cursing herself to curse the others? And how is that really a curse? Their lives don't seem so horrible to me...sure, no true love, but it doesn't seem to be working so well for them in their fairy tale existences either.

Besides, Carlyle had some of the best lines last night and delivered them well for having to play a supernatural villain.

So what are your feelings about "Once Upon a Time"?

The good news if you are a fan so far is that ABC has picked up a full season of the series.


The fall has been kind to ABC; after recent full season orders for 'Revenge' and 'Suburgatory,' the Alphabet network is doubling down with pickups for two more of their freshman series, fantasy drama 'Once Upon a Time' and Tim Allen's 'Last Man Standing.'

Though 'Once' has only aired two episodes so far, it's already the highest-rated new drama of the season, managing an average 12.3 million viewers and a robust 4.0 rating in the coveted adults 18-49 demo.

My goal this week is to finally see Grimm, because, no, I haven't yet. TV has not been a priority for weeks and weeks and weeks in my little world. I admit I am also squeamish about it since I don't care for the violence that I've seen so far and my husband said the pilot is violent. I am a Downton Abbey/Pride and Prejudice sort of girl overall despite my fascination with Bluebeard, who sounds like a perfect fit for Grimm actually, in all his incarnations.


  1. I don't think the curse is living in a small town. I think it is living in the "real world" where fairytales are just fantasy stories for children, dreams and wishes don't usually come true, and happy endings are not very common. To a fairytale character, living in the modern, grim, gritty, everyday world where goodness is only sometimes rewarded (and badness is only sometimes punished) would be a grinding, soul-crushing experience. Or a curse, if you like. I think the wicked queen chose a small town because she had a small-town's-worth of people and she wanted to run the place. She could have chosen New York, but then she'd have to campaign for mayor and there are probably some kind of term limitations. It seems like it would be a lot easier to be despotic in a small community. Does Storybrook even have a city council to argue with her?

  2. I have only seen the first two episodes and am so far, reserving a more opinionated opinion but so far I am not impressed with it.
    it simpers and it's too "clean" there is no real dark.
    it's "make believe" make believe.
    almost -dare I say it-phony.
    maybe it will be smart later but for now it talks down to us.

    grimm on the other hand is dark and wicked and a little BOO!EEK!EWW!
    it does not simper or foo-foo disney it's self, though it does whine a little.
    it is a bit scattered and I would like to see it become more coherent in it's "mythology"
    but I do see it becoming very compelling in future, when it gets through building and introducing.

  3. I've seen all the episodes to date and I love it though I will agree that there are definite flaws. Still I love the flashbacks when you see them in their fairytale forms fleshed out, having Snow White as a wanted bandit and Cinderella actually getting her wish from Rumplestilkskin were nice additions. I like how it's gradually coming together.
    That said Henry is annoying as Hell and it is limited on the downside/dark side of things, most negative aspects are either solved or not really emphasised but I guess Grim takes up the reins of dark versions of fairytales, or rather taking fairytales back to their original roots I suppose.