Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Magick 4 Terri: An Auction Fundraiser to Benefit Terri Windling

The fairy tale/authors/artists/kindred spirits who appreciate Terri Windling have gathered to offer a benefit for her. From the Magick 4 Terri site:

Beloved editor, artist and writer Terri Windling is in need, and we are asking for your help in a fundraising auction to assist her. This auction will combine donations from professionals and fans in an online sale to help Terri through a serious financial crisis.

Terri is the creator of groundbreaking fantasy and mythic art and literature over the past several decades, ranging from the influential urban fantasy series Bordertown to the online Journal of Mythic Arts. With co-editor Ellen Datlow, she changed the face of contemporary short fiction with The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror and other award-winning anthologies, including Silver Birch, Blood Moon and The Green Man: Tales from the Mythic Forest. Her remarkable Endicott Studio blog continues to bring music, poetry, art and inspiration to people all over the world.

I just finished putting up four of the SurLaLune book titles for auction on the site, but there is much better stuff than that there! Personalized art, out-of-print rare editions and one-of-a-kind types of things. So go check it out and bid or even consider offering something yourself.

Living as an author/artist is a dubious experience with irregular payments, taxes, insurance, living expenses and no corporate benefits. I am very intimate with the strains it can cause on your peace of mind and health--mental and physical--but without people taking the risk and making the sacrifice, we wouldn't have so much of the wonderful art of all forms to enjoy in the world today. Yes, we get to do what we love, but there are sacrifices, often in the financial. The other wonder of this community is how often they will step up and support each other through fundraisers like this when many of their own pocketbooks are stretched. Terri has often been one of the first to step up and volunteer work and services and now it is her turn to receive. I am blessed to participate in a small way and you can, too. And I sincerely believe it all comes back again either in straight financial blessings or other means, so thank you and bless, too.

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  1. This auction is a truly beautiful thing.
    I love your last paragraph. Captures it all perfectly.