Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bargain Books: Diane Duane's Young Wizard Series and More

Have I mentioned that I love ebooks? And I love authors who are embracing them? Authors Diane Duane and Peter Morwood (yes, they're married) have an ebook store with their titles and most of the books are 50% off for the Thanksgiving weekend--until until one minute before midnight (23:59) Hawaiian Standard Time on Monday, November 28th. You can read the details and how to order here.

I said most of the books are 50% off but if you want the entire Young Wizards nine book series, you can get it for 66% off. The bundle is usually $39.99 but with the code YWBLACKFRIDAY one can get the entire set for $13.60. I did. Follow the instructions on redeeming codes here. I chose to get the epub/mobi bundle and the system allows you to download each book in both formats, not an unwieldly bundle of one file of nine titles like some ebook bundles. Lovely!

I was considering the first part of the series for my niece for Christmas since she has devoured just about everything else so I have to resort to brand new or classic titles. Now I can read along with the later titles I didn't own yet myself if I so choose, so I guess Leighton is getting some Diane Duane for the holidays.

Other Duane titles are also available, such as Stealing the Elf-King's Roses, which is much more expensive through other retailers. I never read it but remember flirting with it in the bookstores when it was first released since the original cover (see below) was attractive and stood out on the fantasy shelves. Funny how covers have less impact on my reading choices now that I can read reader reviews. I still like a pretty cover, of course, but it won't convince me to spend my money by itself.

I will be following this post with one about Morwood's titles since they are more pertinent to this blog and deserve their own post.

And I don't receive any compensation or acknowledgment for this. Duane and Morwood don't know who I am, but this is a great deal especially if you have never read or would like to have a digital edition.

The original cover for Elf-King's Roses with Amazon link because that's where I found it.

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  1. Aaaaah! Thank you for posting this link! I started reading this series when it first came out and lost track of it and I've been meaning to go back and read them all ever since I heard the series was completed. Just bought the whole set, what a wonderful deal! :D That totally made my Thanksgiving-weekend-shopping experience!