Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just For Fun: Castle Cake Pans

After planning the two previous cake pan posts for this week, I realized I couldn't leave off the castles.  They are what got me started on this little mini-obsession and really can go with almost any fairy tale theme.

Nordic Ware 57724 Pro Cast Castle Bundt Pan

Nordic Ware 57724 Pro Cast Castle Bundt Pan (This was one of my first novelty cake pans and the one I have still gotten the most usage out of.  A hit with kids and adults and requested more than once.)

Nordic Ware Castle Cakelette Pan

Nordic Ware Castle Cakelette Pan (I received this last year as a gift and love it, too.)

Wilton Enchanted Castle Pan

Wilton 301-910 Romantic Castle Cake Set

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