Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fairytale Cakes: 17 Enchanted Creations by Noga Hitron

Fairytale Cakes: 17 Enchanted Creations

My seven-year-old niece was in town last week which required a trip to the bookstore for book browsing, discussing and purchasing.  Of course, we discovered Fairytale Cakes: 17 Enchanted Creations by Noga Hitron on the shelf and it had to come home with me.  The cakes are stunning and I consider it more of a collection of unique fairy tale illustrations to be honest. I don't aspire to this level of artistry or perfection.  But I love looking at it. Alas, I didn't find any other images from the book to share...

Book description:

Every child has a favorite story, whether it’s about a little mermaid, an ugly duckling, or a brother and sister who meet a witch in a gingerbread house. And no matter how many times mom and dad tell that tale, it’s never enough; the young listener is hungry for more. So maybe it’s time to delight that young prince or princess with a magically decorated, hand-baked cake based on that beloved book.

All the necessary inspiration and instruction are here, from fondant fundamentals to creating shapes and forms. A short synopsis of the related story accompanies the cake, along with vibrant color photographs. Adults may think these sumptuous sweets look too good to touch—but kids will eat them right up!

On the other hand, John is very excited about this book.  He saw it by my desk and has picked it up a few times over the past week.  I admit I bought it for the pretty pictures but he wants to try to actually make one.  Since he is the resident fine artist, he may even manage to make something that resembles one of these cakes although I know his own interpretation will come through.  And edible modeling clay also thrills him. 

And finally here are some other fairy tale/fantasy and cake inspired books:

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