Saturday, March 20, 2010

Quick Update

Hey y'all, I've pushed live the posts from the past several days that sat in draft mode because I was unable to do a final polish. So please page back and see my entries on P. L. Travers and Kate Bernheimer if you haven't seen them yet as well as today's about Jennie Harbour. Then I sort of snuck one in on Carol Ann Duffy with the post about her David Beckham ode.

And, yes, I'm feeling twangy today. I am Southern, after all.

Women and Folklore Month is over half done now. My list has been growing which only means that I will have plenty for next year, I hope. Although I probably won't save them until then...

And my salute to Ireland for St. Paddy's fell through halfway through the week. Sorry about that! There's just not enough time in my days right now since I have to earn money to eat...I wish SurLaLune supported me, but it only supports my research and reading trends and nothing else...

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  1. I hope you can find time in between everything else to read this woman's musings on the fairy tale: