Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fairy Tale Roundup Mid-March 2010

Here's some quick links to other bits around the web this week:

From Grimm Criticism by Donald Haase at Wonders and Marvels:

When W. H. Auden claimed that Grimms’ fairy tales “rank next to the Bible in importance,” he may have been right—at least in 1944. Auden could not have anticipated, however, the criticism that Grimms’ tales were to undergo during the last half of the twentieth century, beginning already in 1947, when the brothers’ tales became controversial because of their implication in Nazi ideology.


From Maxfield Parrish Revived in Burton’s Alice in Wonderland by Maria Tatar at Breezes from Wonderland: A Forum for Folklore, Children's Literature, and Storytelling:

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland has many scenes of jaw-dropping beauty, and my favorite was an homage to Maxfield Parrish’s Daybreak, a painting that changes color depending on the time of day at which you see it.


And as always, if you like this blog, you'll also love Once Upon a Blog. Recent great posts have included:

Jack Zipes to Speak on "De-Disneyfying the Fairy-Tale Film"

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Finally, from 'Mean Girls' -- The Disney Edition at The Huffington Post:

The movie "Mean Girls" gets a Disney makeover in this very clever remix. Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" stars as the Lindsay Lohan character, and there are performances from most of Disney's deep bench of excellent characters. Watch out For Jasmine. She can be vicious.

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