Saturday, March 20, 2010

Women in Folklore Month: Jennie Harbour

I'm thinking of making Saturdays into "pretty picture" days on this blog since I am finding so many wonderful illustrations generously shared around the internet these days. Today I'm sharing work by Jennie Harbour, an illustrator I know virtually nothing about despite many years of searching. I know her work resonates with many of SurLaLune's visitors for I receive many emails requesting more information. I keep hoping that my copies of guides to illustrators will suddenly produce entries on her, but they never do when I check them again. Alas, my bookshelves are magical, but not quite that magical.

(I'll let you in on a secret: If it's not on the website, I don't have it. I try to add as much as I know--no secrets being kept by me--although some stuff slips through the cracks of my to do lists, the big stuff is there.)

While her color work receives the most attention on the web, I prefer her black and white work overall. She used light and shadow very well, using a scratchboard effect although I don't think the originals were scratchboard.

This is one of my favorites and comes from Snow White and Rose Red. It's so very domestic and cozy without being twee.

Anyway, Harbour's work has grown in popularity--she has popped up in many places on the web since I first added her to my website years and years ago. At that time, I couldn't find other images of her work anywhere else. These days posters of her work are available at and I have a CafePress shop devoted to her, too. I, of course, have a gallery of her work on SurLaLune as well. I have many of her illustrations there, so do explore.

And if you have a favorite of Harbour work that's not available on, do contact me and we can see about producing something. I understand because I adore her work, too.

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