Thursday, March 11, 2010

Women in Folklore: Honor Charlotte Appleton

Okay, I have several posts in progress, so I'm going to "cheat" with a pretty picture day featuring an illustrator. However, it isn't really a cheat since I feel illustrators bring the stories to life in ways that are important to readers. I know when I was a child especially I would look for the illustrations that intrigued me the most and then read the accompanying stories. Today I am enthralled with a great book jacket although I know better than to fall into that trap.

Today I am featuring Honor Appleton. I especially love her Princess and the Pea above and wish it was a full illustration. I have a hard time believing anyone would be uncomfortable in that bed.

From Books Illustrated Ltd:

Honor Charlotte Appleton (1879 - 1951) was born in Brighton on 4th February 1879. She started her art studies at the Kensington Schools and then attended Frank Calderon’s School of Animal Painting and finally the RA at the start of the 20th Century. Whilst at the RA she illustrated ‘The Bad Mrs Ginger’, starting a book illustration career in which she would illustrate over 150 books.
Honor Appleton developed a very delicate watercolour style that captured the innocent world of children, their adventures and life. She was influenced by illustrators such as Kate Greenaway and Annie French and other illustrators of the period. Her watercolours where exhibited at the RA. She unfortunately died before seeing her works exhibited at the Hove Public Library in 1952.

You can view the Honor Appleton Gallery on SurLaLune, too.

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  1. What beautiful illustrations I really love the work of this illustrator!