Saturday, March 20, 2010

Carol Ann Duffy, David Beckham, Etc.

Okay, so "fairy tale" is overused by sports journalists in English speaking countries. This month is especially bad with the extra "Cinderella" references in allusion to March Madness here in the states. Ugh! Sifting through all of it in my news searches can be tedious.

Recently, however, Carol Ann Duffy, British Poet Laureate and fairy tale apologist, has written a poem about David Beckham's woes in football/soccer (depending on your country). The response has also been interesting.

Here are some links:

British poet laureate's poem for Beckham from the AP

Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy writes for injured David Beckham (the poem is here, too).

Carol Ann Duffy the classicist (on David Beckham and Achilles)
Charlotte Higgins: The poet laureate's new David Beckham poem is a perfect demonstration of why classics should be taught in schools
(This is the best article if you are wanted to read more about myths and such.)

Carol Ann Duffy's poem for David Beckham is an ode to enjoy

RIP: the footballing life of David Beckham

I'm about you?

Duffy isn't nearly as well known stateside although many of her books are available on Amazon. She does get her own store on where more titles are available, of course.

Of particular interest to SurLaLune readers would be The Lost Happy Endings and Collected Grimm Tales and Rumpelstiltskin and Other Grimm Tales. The latter two are collections of retold tales in which Duffy "seeks to remove the sugariness of contemporary versions and return to the orginal, darker mould."

The Lost Happy Endings: "A wicked witch has devised a most devious caper: she has stolen all the happy endings to bedtime stories. Now all of the children’s favorite stories are bringing them to tears at bedtime. In this fantastic and magical tale, it is up to Jub—the keeper of the happy endings—to save the day and ensure sweet dreams everywhere."


  1. What is a "fairy tale apologist"? I've only ever heard the term in relation to Christianity, but I'm afraid I don't understand it enough to give it context here. Thanks, AMC

  2. I'm a big fan of Duffy's fairy tale work. Just wanted to add two other wonderful books by her fairy tale lovers should look out for: 'The Stolen Childhood and other dark fairy tales' and 'The Princess' Blankets' (the latter has particularly lovely illustrations).