Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snow Queen Week: Vladyslav Yerko

Vladyslav Yerko has illustrated the Snow Queen and the book has appeared in several editions, most in Europe. The book appears to be out of print in the U.S., but it is available used or through the website designed to promote the book,

Here's some information about the book and its sales from the site:

Anderson House Foundation is proud to present one of the best fairy tales of all time, The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen.

This collectible children's book, richly illustrated by award winning Ukrainian artist Vladyslav Yerko, also well known for his illustrations of the Harry Potter books, is a unique Holiday gift for children of all ages.

AHF has exclusive rights to distribute
a special art edition of this children's bestseller across the US and Canada.

The quantity is limited.

All collected funds are used for AHF charitable projects.

Yerko's work is quite lovely and can be found around the internet. Of course, he is well-known for his Harry Potter illustrations as stated above, just not in the U.S. once again. (The wonderful Mary GrandPré is the illustrator known in the U.S. for Harry Potter.)

I only hope his work becomes more prominent in the U.S. as well.

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  1. I just bought it from
    Great artwork, great book!