Friday, December 18, 2009

Frog Prince Week: For the Home

More totally random stuff for the house, Frog Prince theme included. Some descriptions are mine, some are from the sellers.

Frog Prince Alarm Clock: Okay, this is rather cute.

Frog Prince on Ball Figurines: Ribbit. Ribbit. Your prince charming is here to stay. Add a touch of whimsy to your home decor with this fantastic Set of 2 Frog Prince Figurines. Featuring an adorable frog topped with a crown sitting on a ball, these items are unique and special in design. Perfect as accent pieces for the desk or empty space that needs that extra special touch.

Lladro Enchanted Prince Figurine: Hand crafted by artisians in Valencia Spain from fine porcelain. Note that this one isn't released yet. It appears at least some companies anticipated the tale's resurgence in popularity thanks to Disney. Even if picture book publishers didn't...

Prince of Frogs Design Accent Lamp with Verdi Stone Finish

Frog Prince Doorstop: Add a touch of royalty, of sorts, to your door. This doorstop measures 3.5 inches high, 6.5 inches wide, and 1.5 inches deep. The wedge-shaped wood base holds that door in place, and the felt bottom helps prevent skidding and slipping. The Aardvark would like to remind you that kissing this frog is not required!

Frog Prince Paperweight

Frog Prince Tealight Holder: Remind yourself that dreams do come true with our Frog Prince Tealight Holders. These whimsical tealight holders are inspired by the enchanted fairytale about a frog who was really a prince but needed a princess to kiss him in order for him to turn into a prince again. Let these remind you that there''s more than just appearances and inspire you to find your own frog prince.

Frog Prince Figurine in Black Fishnet Herend Frog Collection: This expensive trinket also comes in pink, rust and blue.

Prince the Frog with Bronze Glass Gazing Globe and Stand: The frog and lily pad base are adhered to an 8 inch bronze glass globe. It is sure to add character and color to your garden. The cast resin frog and cast resin base have lots of detail that everyone will appreciate. Prince the frog is 10 inches tall x 6.5 inches wide, then add the globe and base, making a the height of this piece is almost 20 inches. It is going to make a major statement in your garden. Some may want to use prince indoors and he would make for a great piece of statuary there as well. What a fun piece to display either in the garden or in your home. (Yes, this one rightfully should have appeared in yesterday's garden post.)

Kiss Me Frog Prince Chime: Makes a great gift for gardeners, frog collectors and people who still believe in fairy tales. (Another one that should have been in the garden post.)

Prince Frog Garden Stone: Okay, so this one really should be in the garden, but then again, I have a garden stepping stone hanging up in my kitchen, so I am rather justified in this one. Mine isn't a frog prince one, but it is fairy related...

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