Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Frog Prince Week: Toys

Apparently there are hundreds of Disney related Princess and the Frog toys and other items for the holiday, many of them already sold out according to some sources. Here I offer other iterations of the tale interpreted for toys.

Folkmanis Frog Prince Reversible Puppet: Reversible Frog Prince Puppet. The Prince has a movable head and arms, the Frog has a movable mouth and arms. (I so WANT this one.)

The Frog Prince (Book and Puppet Theater): The Frog Prince, a classic tale that reminds us to keep our promises, is one title in the series of Imagination in a Box interactive reading sets. Each Imagination in a Box set comes packaged in a sturdy cardboard "briefcase" with a plastic handle. Inside the case you will find a book, two scenery backdrops, seven stand-up characters, and two adorable finger puppets -- all the makings for an interactive story time. Play along with the finger puppets and stand-up characters when you hear the story, then keep playing and bringing the tale to life even after storytime is over!

Fisher-Price Little People Prince Roberto and His Royal Frog: I have a Little People Lil' Kingdom Castle that I keep on hand for any visiting children to my home. I find it is quite popular with kids of many ages--it's the most popular and requested toy I own. I want to add this set at some point. Now that I see the castle has been discontinued, I am even more happy to keep it. (The price is several times more than I paid for it years ago.) I also recommend the Fisher-Price Imaginext Adventures Castle which is alas no longer in production either. I love castles.

Alex Toys the Frog Prince Glove Finger Puppets: Glove Finger Puppets is a collection of soft felt finger puppets that features characters from this classic fairy tale. The package has the story printed on the back so parents and children can enjoy plenty of story time fun together. They’re the perfect size for little hands and will inspire young imaginations to explore the world of dramatic play.

Ty Classic Kissed Frog

Topsy Turvy Doll Frog Prince by North American Bear Co.: Princess in green and pink gown with organza accents flips to handsome Prince with frog face hood and green gloves in a water lily pond.

Prince Ribbit Frog Musical Pull Toy: Prince Ribbit has a removable butterfly friend, musical pull tail, mirror to play peek-a-boo, "ribbit" sound chip and lots of crinkley spots.

Bearington Bears Charming Prince: This frog is very stately and looks more like a Valentine's Day gift to me.


  1. That puppet is reversible? Wow, that is brilliant! Very cool.

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  5. Lovely finger puppet glove!! Vera