Saturday, December 5, 2009

Nutcracker Week: Up and Coming Illustrators

To finish off Nutcracker Week, I wanted to share some of the illustrations I found by up and coming illustrators at Picture Book.

by René Milot (Check out his illustration gallery to see the covers of some familiar book covers and more. He did the illustration for one cover of The Queen of Attolia, from one of my favorite books series. Is anyone else waiting with bated breath for A Conspiracy of Kings by Megan-Whalen-Turner? I preordered months ago and just rebought the other books for my Kindle.)

by Linda Bronson

by John Aardema

by Dan Hubig

by Catherine Kanner

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  1. René Milot's work looks very familiar to me, even though I have not seen the individual images in his gallery before. I wonder if he illustrated a book that I read and, if so, what it was.