Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Frog Prince Week: Jewelry

The frog prince is such an iconic image that it has been interpreted countless times into various mediums. Today I offer jewelry, just a few examples of ones currently available because there are too many to post.

Frog Prince Charm: This one is my favorite because it is whimsical although bordering on the twee. In the end, this frog makes me smile. I like that the pearl can represent the golden ball of the story.

Frog Prince Pendant: This one is funny, too. He's tied for my favorite.

Sterling Silver Frog Prince: Here's a simple sterling silver one, great for a charm bracelet. I like the detailing on this one.

Sterling Silver Frog Prince: Another sterling silver charm, simpler this time.

Gold Frog Prince Pendant: This one is a little too modern for my personal taste, but it is humorous and I like it despite my usual preferences.

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