Monday, December 14, 2009

Frog Prince Week: The Cannon Film

Hands down the most frequently asked question about the Frog Prince I've received over the years concerns the Cannon Film version, arguably the most beloved and popular version of the tale on film--until Disney's weekend release eclipses it that is.

Unfortunately, when many of the Cannon fairy tale films were released to DVD several years ago in the states (meaning region 1), this was one of the films not released, most likely for rights issues. It was released for region 2, but that is also out of print. So used copies of the VHS edition or the region 2 DVD are the only available versions. You can view my list of the Cannon Tales on DVD on Amazon.

This film features some fairly well-known faces especially Helen Hunt (Mad About You and As Good As It Gets) and Aileen Quinn who had a much shorter career but played in one of my favorite childhood movies, Annie. (I can still sing the entire soundtrack and give several lines to that film although I haven't watched it in a few decades at least.)

You may also go to YouTube and watch uploaded, blurry versions which some have done out of desperation. The rights are iffy and I'm not affiliated with the YouTube publishers in anyway, but I've embedded the links below. I was hoping the obvious upcoming popularity of the tale would encourage the distributors to resolve the rights issues and finally release this to DVD, but alas, no happily ever after exists yet for fans. And I know you're out there. Many of you have sent pleading emails that I wish I had the power to answer happily.

And for those of you searching for this version, but unable to identify it, hopefully you will see it here and the search will be ended, at least partially. I'm also trying to avoid a new deluge of emails with the "I am trying to find this Frog Prince film I loved...." Here it is. Of course, you may also be searching for Prince Charming, The Frog King by Tom Davenport or Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre: The Tale of the Frog Prince, among others.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Apparently there is no part 6 because the parts were misnumbered. I don't believe anything is missing.
Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

So no, I don't know if or when this film will ever make it to DVD. I understand the frustration and be assured that as soon as I learn anything, I will post it here and on the SurLaLune site. But please don't hold your breath. DVD releases are confusing--my personal wishlist includes A Town Like Alice, The African Queen and the Homefront tv series--which seem to suffer from similar issues. It's the vagaries of the system which elude me and keep great stuff from reaching our homes.


  1. Thank you so much for posting this!
    I loved this movie as a child and have been wanting to watch it again. This is great! <3

  2. I remember this version of The Frog Prince! It's the one that always comes to mind when I think of the fairy tale. :)